Clone2727's Walkthrough Edit

Well, I've always wanted to give an in-depth walkthrough of The Dig considering many-a-walkthough on the internet leave out key information, leaving the player in the dark.

Attila the Hun Asteroid Edit

So, you start out outside your shuttle in your spacesuit. Let's start by getting the 'Flying Pig' out of the shuttle.

  • USE the PenUltimate (yeah, there's a pun in there)
  • Click on Cora and ask about the 'Flying Pig'
  • After it's deployed, click on it so it's sent over to the asteroid

Now, let's blow it up!

  • "Open Up" the pig and take out the SHOVEL, ZERO-G DIGGER, EXPLOSIVE ALPHA, and EXPLOSIVE BETA
  • Head to Quadrant 2 and USE the ZERO-G DIGGER with the surface (there's patch that you can use it on)
  • Plant EXPLOSIVE ALPHA there and then arm it with the ARMING KEY
  • Now head on down to Quadrant 3 and USE the SHOVEL with the BOULDER
  • Plant EXPLOSIVE BETA there and then arm it with the ARMING KEY
  • Now, contact Miles on the PenUltimate and tell him to blow it up!

Watch the cutscene and then let's head inside to see what goodies await... "Attila's a real Hun"

  • Once inside, PUSH the METALLIC PLATE
  • USE the ZERO-G DIGGER with the ODD PROJECTION(s) in the cave
    • There should be 3 of them
  • PUSH those METALLIC PLATE(s) uncovered from using the Zero-G Digger
  • Head down the largest tunnel formed from pushing the plates
  • PICK UP the plates near the PEDESTAL
  • Place them on the PEDESTAL (the diamond one on the top, the triangle one on the bottom, and the others will just fit in place after that)

Yay! Watch the cutscene and then gain control once we're on the planet.

Cocytus Surface Edit

So, now we're on this planet.... lightyears away from Earth.... with no clue why we're here or how to get home. Sounds like an adventure to me. So, let's look around. Oops.... lost the ZERO-G DIGGER....

  • There's nothing to do at the DAIS currently, so let's head out. Go to the north part of the map.
  • USE the SHOVEL with the pile on the right and then PICK UP the JAW BONE and the TUSK.
  • Now head to the west part of the map and enter the ship.
  • PULL the WIRES
  • PICK UP the ENGRAVED ROD that falls
  • OPEN the box-type thing and PICK UP the STRANGE DEVICE
  • Now head to the east part of the map
  • USE the SHOVEL where it points to
  • Go back to the DAIS
  • USE the SHOVEL

Now, we watch Brink fall to his doom. "There's no crying in baseball adventure games"

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